Who Wins the 2012 Presidential Branding Wars?

The 2012 election will hopefully be decided on policy specifics. But that doesn’t excuse many candidates’ lackluster branding. Below the jump is my analysis of each of the 2012 candidates’ logos.






First thought: Aquafresh Toothpaste

Analysis: Mediocre at best. The font is strange. The graphical logo is supposed to be a patriotic banner in the shape of 3 Rs, but it just looks like what I put on my toothbrush every night.

Grade: C+


First thought: Jellybean.

Analysis: I’ve always liked jellybeans, as candy… The Perry logo relies too heavily on gradients, giving it an odd glasslike look.

Grade: C


First thought: Olympics!

Analysis: I like the Cain logo. The torch could potentially be iconic. I woud get rid of the cheesy gradients. But this logo is otherwise strong.

Grade: A-


First thought: The H is wearing a shawl

Analysis: This logo is fine. It’s stereotypical of what a presidential campaign logo should look like. There are stars! Patriotic ribbons! Etc!

Grade: B


First thought: A massage parlor.

Analysis: This logo can be broken up into two mediocre parts. First, the H which is supposed to look iconic, instead looks like a futuristic font on a stencil. Second, the right side with the weird blue watercoloring looks like a massage studio’s sign.

Grade: C-


First thought: Presidential

Analysis: Ron Paul is a man of big ideas. This year his campaign has been focused on credibility and proving that he is not a fringe candidate. This logo uses a simple color scheme with a strong Serif font that projects professionalism.  I wouldn’t keep the washed out eagle in the background, but otherwise this is great.

Grade: A-


First thought: Rick Santorum for Bird Watcher 2012

Analysis: Rick Santorum has surprised me with his strong debate performances, but he’s not surprised me with his weak logo. It puts tons of attention on this random red eagle and not enough attention on his name. Also, the white space to the right of Rick is an odd design choice.

Grade: C










First thought: This man must have gotten a custom font made.

Analysis: This man did get a custom font. The iconic typography shop H&FJ took their famous sans-serif font Gothic from Obama’s 08 logo and added serifs to it. The new logo looks great, balancing Obama’s hope/changiness with the fact that he is the President of the United States. In addition, the color scheme is refreshing and easy to read.

Grade: A

Hopefully, the 2012 election will be decided on the issues and not branding. But if branding was on the ballot, it’s clear that Obama would be re-elected.



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